Ropecon is all about games and gaming – and there are so many different programs and events to choose from that it’s impossible to experience it all in just one weekend! Featured games include tabletop role-playing games, live-action role-playing games (or LARPs), board games, collectible card games and miniature war games. Ropecon’s programming also includes a wide range of lectures, panels, workshops and shows in various topics.

Program Guide – make your own timetable

Ropecon features over 1500 hours of diverse programming in a wide variety of topics. You can visit the complete and up-to-date online programming guide for Ropecon here: /opas/

For our international visitors, Ropecon features plenty of programs that are available either in English or do not require any Finnish language proficiency to participate in. These programs and events are marked with the tag “Englanninkielinen” (English) or “Kielivapaa” (non-language-dependent) in the program guide. Many of the board, card, miniature and tabletop role-playing games played at Ropecon do not require you to know Finnish – ask at the relevant desks for games and tournaments suitable for international attendees.

You can make your own timetable by clicking the star icon next to the name of the program in the guide. The starred items will appear as a list under “Minun conini” (My con).


Some of the larps at Ropecon are played in English. Please note that the sign-ups for the larps are usually some hours before the actual game, or even on the previous day.

Larps in English:

Crossing borders by Claus Raasted
Signup time for the 1st run Fri 3 pm, 2nd run Sat 10 am
Play time: 1st run Fri 8 pm – 10 pm, 2nd run 2 pm – 4 pm

Other Bodies
Signup time: Sat 10 am – Play time: Sat 4 pm – 9 pm

Signup time: Sat 10 am – 2pm – Play time: Sat 5 pm – 10 pm

Signup time: Fri 4 pm – Play time: Sat 10 am – 1 pm

Here are a few more examples of what Ropecon has to offer:

Ropecon CrossGames is a program track which explores the common grounds and shared issues between digital games and traditional role-playing games. The program track includes lectures, panels and workshops featuring professionals of gaming and game design.

Is this your first time attending Ropecon? Have you just entered the world of role-playing and don’t know where to start? Ropecon also features plenty of beginner-friendly programming. You can try your hand at painting miniature figures at the Drop-in painting station, or borrow a couple of games from the board game library and receive instructions on how to play them.

Or you could even learn the steps of historical dances by participating in the dance rehearsals on Friday and Saturday, and be ready to take part in the Historical Dance Ball on Saturday evening – no prior experience needed! For all beginner-friendly programming, search the programming guide with the tag “aloittelijaystävällinen”.

If you just want to relax for a moment and be entertained, you can visit the Art Exhibition or the Prop Exhibition, follow the medieval combat sport demonstrations, or sit down for a story time. For more grandiose forms of entertainment, visit the professional wrestling match on Friday; check out the geek choir Another Castle and the Ropecon Gala on Saturday; or come and enjoy the show at the Pokémon musical “Valitsen sinut!”, a Finnish fan production, on Sunday.

For more information and tips on interesting programming suitable for international attendees, visit the International Meeting Point on the 1st floor of Kokoustamo.