If you can’t find an answer to your question here, please don’t hesitate to contact our international coordinator via email – we will gladly assist you!

International Coordinator
Hanna Anderssén

What should I wear?

All that matters is that your costume brings you joy, is comfortable and will get you through the weekend at Ropecon. Casual clothes are fine. Some of our visitors dress up in impressive cosplay or larp costumes and many wear accessories, such as cat ears. You can also dress up by purchasing yourself a stylish official Ropecon T-shirt at the event!

I lost my scarf / phone / foam weapon / etc.

Lost items can be inquired at the Information Desk during the event or via email (loytotavarat@ropecon.fi) after the event.

Is Ropecon suitable for children?

Ropecon is an excellent family event! Children 7 to 12 years of age can purchase a ticket for half price and children under the age of 7 can attend the event free of charge. Children can participate in the program while accompanied by an adult, and there are also many beginner-friendly programs in Ropecon. We recommend especially the demonstrations and other program at the Experience Point. All facilities at the venue are easily accessible, and there is a playroom for children near the Southern Entrance where children and parents can relax, play and eat. The playroom has a microwave and a diaper changing station for visitor use. Diaper changing stations and potties are also available in the accessible toilets on the 1st and 2nd floor of the Conference Center, as well as in the toilets near the Northern Entrance.

Is food available at the convention area?

There are several food venues, restaurants, cafes and a bar serving alcoholic beverages for visitors over the age of 18 within the convention area. Businesses and restaurants in the surrounding city area also welcome visitors of Ropecon.