Vendor Hall

Along with the new venue comes a new and improved Vendor Hall! The Vendor Hall of Ropecon 2016 is located in Hall 5 of the Messukeskus Helsinki Expo and Convention Centre. Vendor Hall is a real treasure trove of role-playing games and literature, artwork, handcrafted props and other items, and so much more. The traditional flea market for the visitors of Ropecon can also be found in the Vendor Hall.

Opening hours

  • Friday 3 pm – 9 pm
  • Saturday 10 am – 6 pm
  • Sunday 10 am – 3 pm

Ropecon Shop

Stylish T-shirts with this year’s design and other fun merchandise are available for purchase at the Ropecon Shop. This year we also have T-shirts for children in two cheerful colors: the orderly blue and the chaotic yellow! Pre-ordered Ropecon T-shirts can be picked up from their own section at the Ropecon Shop.

Flea Market

Visitors can bring along their old role-playing themed items or items that otherwise feel at home in Ropecon to be sold at the flea market. Our staff will take care of the sales and charge a small provision of the profits. Products from smaller Finnish role-playing game publishers are also available for purchase at the flea market. Read more >>

Promotional Stands

Various associations and organizations will be promoting their activities and events at the Glass Gallery near the Southern Entrance. You can also purchase tickets to other conventions at the promotional stands. Feel free to check out what they have to offer! Please note that the opening hours of the promotional stands are not limited and may vary.

For vendors

The Vendor Hall will open its doors to visitors at 3 pm on Friday. The time for assembling the stands is from 8 am to 3 pm on Friday. The Vendor Hall will close its doors at 3 pm on Sunday, and all stands must be dismantled by 8 pm. Please note that it is not allowed to begin dismantling your stands before the Vendor Hall is closed from visitors. If you need more time for either assembling or dismantling your stands, please contact the Vendor Hall Coordinator. During the convention, there will be an hour-long maintenance period each day before the Vendor Hall is opened and after it has closed from visitors.

Opening hours of the promotional stands are not limited.

Vendor badges

A vendor badge is a company or organization specific pass that grants its holder access to the convention area and to the Vendor Hall during the assembly, maintenance and dismantling hours. Please note that the vendor badge does not include access to the program of the event. Any pre-ordered weekend tickets will be delivered at your stand as wristband tickets.


Upon arrival, vendors will receive access information for the Wi-Fi network within the Vendor Hall. However, the Messukeskus Helsinki Exhibition & Convention Centre does not recommend using this Wi-Fi network for payment processing or other critical transactions.

Terms & conditions and building instructions

As a vendor (or as a representative of your organization) you are committed to comply with the terms and conditions of the Vendor Hall (or promotional stands). The official stand construction and safety guidelines of the Helsinki Exhibition & Convention Centre are applicable where appropriate. Welcome to Ropecon!

Vendor Hall Coordinator 2016
Jouni Sirén