Award Ceremonies

Two major awards are presented at Ropecon each year for the achievements and contributions to the Finnish role-playing game culture. Recipients for the 2016 awards will be announced at the ending ceremony of Ropecon on Sunday.

The Golden Dragon

The Golden Dragon award is a lifetime achievement award given annually to an accomplished pioneer or veteran of the Finnish role-playing game industry. The Golden Dragon award was given for the first time in 2003.

The Golden Dragon award is as much an acknowledgement of one’s lifetime achievements in the field of gaming, as it is an award for promoting and contributing to the Finnish role-playing scene in the larger cultural context. The award acknowledges contributions done both outside and inside the game industry. The award is given out by a jury consisting of invited professionals and prominent figures within the gaming industry, as well as of members appointed by the yearly organizers of Ropecon.

Previous recipients of the Golden Dragon award:

2003: Lauri ja Jyrki Tudeer
2004: Mika “Magus” Laaksonen
2005: Ville “Burger” Vuorela
2006: Risto “Nordic” J. Hieta
2007: Esko “ELF” Vesala
2008: Niko “GNiko” Mikkanen
2009: Kalle “Killeri” Kivimaa
2010: Mike Pohjola
2011: Markus Montola ja Jaakko Stenros
2012: Toni Niittymäki ja Markus Bremer
2013: Kersti Juva
2014: Johanna Virtanen
2015: Mikko Saari

The Deed of the Year

Vuoden Peliteko (“The Deed of the Year”) award is given annually for a laudable project, action, publication or other significant contribution in the field of non-digital games. The award is given out by the Ropecon association and Nörttitytöt ry. The award is chosen by a jury consisting of members from different fields of gaming. The Deed of the Year award was given out for the first time in 2014.

Previous recipients of The Deed of the Year award:

2014: Milla Impola – Organizer of the “Voimavirtaa larppauksesta” project, a larp for people with severe disabilities
2015: Laura Sirola – Designer of the Finnish Larp-calendar