Guests of Honour

Our Guests of Honour are inspiring, international personas and impressive speakers. Come and hear what they have to say about the meaning of role-playing games and this year’s theme!

Claus Raasted

  • Born:  19th of June, 1979 (Denmark)
  • Professional of larping, author, enterpreneur

Claus Raasted

Claus Raasted is a firebrand who believes that larps can change the world. He has been a professional larper since 2002, has 20 books on larping to his name and is one of the two owners of the larp company Rollespielakademiet. He is probably most famous for the Harry Potter-themed College of Wizardry larps.

Raasted has been active in larp organizing since 1995. He also has a past in reality TV – but who doesn’t, these days?

Claus Raasted’s programs at Ropecon:

  • College of Wizardry – How the hell did larp suddenly end up on Fox News?    Fri 7 pm – Fri 8 pm, Room 208
  • Larp: Crossing Borders Signup time for the 1st run Fri 3 pm, 2nd run Sat 10 am; Play time: 1st run Fri 8 pm – 10 pm, 2nd run 2 pm – 4 pm. Sign up at LARP info desk, Kokoustamo 2nd floor
  • Designing larps – All the dirty stuff no one tells you  Sat 12 noon – Sat 1 pm, Room 208
  • Panel: All the mistakes we’ve made  Sat 1 pm – Sat 2 pm, Room 206
  • Larping as a career – Thoughts and advice from 12 years at the front   Sun 12 noon – Sun 1 pm, Room 208
  • Claus is also attending Tylycon’s Harry Potter -meeting – Sat 7 pm – Sat 8 pm, Room 215

You can read more about the larp guru in our blog.

Ross Watson

  • Born: 22nd of May, 1975 (Arkansas, USA)
  • Game designer, author

rosswatson2Ross Watson has published more than 50 books. He is known as the lead designer behind the Warhammer 40,000 role-playing game books. Besides his literary works, Watson has participated in designing popular video games and contributed in the Dungeons & Dragons, Lord of the Rings and Star Wars role-playing universes.

Watson will be holding lectures about role-playing game design and how to create game worlds, as well as attending the Passion and the Industry panel on how to turn your role-playing hobby into a career. He will also be showcasing his newest role-playing game, Rifts for Savage Worlds, at Ropecon.

Ross Watson’s programs at Ropecon:

  • Garnet Town Gambit: All-Star Game  Sat 10 am – Sat 2 pm, Hall 5 Program stage
  • Panel: Passion & the Industry   Sat 3 pm – Sat 5 pm, Room 208
  • Game Design Workshop with Ross Watson    Sun 3 pm – Sun 5 pm, Room 208

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