Safety and security policy

Information desk

Ropecon’s main info desk is located in the Southern Entrance hall, next to the bag & coat check. The information desk will serve visitors throughout the event and can be contacted also by phone (+358 45 136 2946). If needed, you can contact the security via the information desk.

There will also be troubleshooters wearing blue “STAFF” vests patrolling the convention area, who you can also reach out to when you need help.

First aid station

Ropecon’s first aid station is provided by the Finnish Red Cross and its trained first aid personnel. The first aid station is located near the Northern Entrance. In case of an emergency, you can also call the first aid station directly (+358 45 271 4594).

The Finnish emergency number is 112 (no country code needed).

Passages and open spaces

Although hanging around with friends is a part of the Ropecon experience, please do it in a way that does not obstruct any passages or open spaces. Staircases are not made for sitting, and it is not allowed to have a picnic in the middle of a lobby. Please remember that sleeping is only allowed in the designated accommodation area at Hall 2.

Spontaneous program

Organizing spontaneous program is allowed and even recommended, as long as doing so does not cause any inconvenience or disturbance to other visitors or to the regular program of the event, e.g. by obstructing passages or by making loud noises near program spaces. Since there are no additional fees for attending program at Ropecon, charging a fee for spontaneous programs held within the convention area is prohibited.

PLEASE NOTE: Fire eating and other similar performances may require special permits or insurances, and as such cannot be organized without consulting the event organizers first.

Emergency preparedness

  • Identify the emergency exits in the area in advance.
  • In case of an emergency, use the emergency exit closest to you to leave the area.
  • Keep the roads clear so emergency services can access the area.
  • Follow the instructions and orders of the safety officers.

Code of conduct

In order to guarantee a safe and successful event for all visitors, Finnish laws and necessary safety regulations will be followed in Ropecon. Trained security stewards approved by the Finnish police will help maintain order and safety in the convention area. Instructions given by the security officers and the organizers of the event must be followed at all times.

The general code of conduct can be simplified into three key points:

  1. Follow the law, safety regulations and rules
  2. Use common sense
  3. Be considerate of others

Because of the nature of the event, there are also some more specific rules that should be followed.

Props policy

Weapons are not allowed in the event.

If a gun replica  is an essential part of your costume, it must remain attached to the costume at all times. Swinging around anything longer than your arm is not allowed in the event. Please note that all swords, knives and other similar costume weapons must not contain any sharp edges. Likewise, all airsoft weapons must have their magazines and gas chambers emptied, and all gun replicas must be clearly marked as such.

Foam weapon fighting and other similar activities have their own dedicated areas and times within the program. Please refrain from swinging around foam weapons elsewhere in the convention area.

How to mark gun replicas:

  • The muzzle and the barrel of the gun must be covered with red tape for the length of at least 2 cm.
  • The grip or the stock of the gun must also be clearly marked with red tape. The tape must be visible even when the gun is being held or stored as a part of the costume.
  • If you have any questions or need further instructions on how to mark replicas, please contact the nearest security steward.

Alcohol and illegal substances

Use of alcohol and illegal substances is prohibited in the convention area.

Both the possession and use of alcohol and illegal substances (e.g. drugs) is strictly prohibited within the convention area. It is also prohibited to enter the convention area drunk or under the influence of drugs. Our friendly security stewards will escort intoxicated visitors out of the convention area. Security stewards have the right to search your bags and possessions if they have reasonable doubt that you are in possession of banned and/or illegal items or substances. They are also obligated by law to confiscate any banned substances.

Restaurant Terra Nova will be serving alcoholic beverages to customers who are 18 years and older, in accordance to their licenses and the Finnish law. Please remember, however, that returning to the convention area intoxicated is not acceptable.

Smoking, electronic cigarettes included, is permitted only in the dedicated smoking areas outside.

Costume etiquette

Clothing is necessary, costumes are voluntary. Although many visitors choose to wear a costume to the event, for years the most common disguise has been jeans and a T-shirt.

In the sauna and shower areas clothing is not necessary: instead, we recommend that you remove all clothing before washing up. Bringing a change of clothes for the weekend is also recommended.

Other rules

  • Pets are unfortunately not allowed at the convention, with the exception of guide dogs and assistance dogs.
  • Attaching advertisements, posters, signs, or your friends to the walls or other surfaces of the convention area with tape or by any other means is strictly prohibited.
  • Commercial activity within the convention area is limited – please contact the organizers for further instructions.
  • Help keep the convention area nice and clean by disposing of your trash where they belong: in the trash bin.