The traditional Flea Market of Ropecon

Vendor Hall also features the traditional flea market, where the visitors of Ropecon can bring along their old or unnecessary items to be sold during the convention. The items should fit the theme of the event: examples of appropriate items include props or costumes for larps, books about role-playing or in the fantasy/sci-fi genre, miniature figures and board games.

Professional reselling or retail is not allowed at the flea market. All items must be either used or surplus from a private person. The only exceptions to this rule are products from smaller Finnish role-playing game publishers which are also sold at the flea market this year.

Please note that payments at the flea market can only be made by cash. There are two ATMs at the Messukeskus Helsinki Expo and Convention Centre, located near the Southern Entrance.

How does it work?

The flea market at Ropecon is simple: you bring your items to the counter and the staff will sell them for you. The flea market is located in the Vendor Hall at Hall 5 of Messukeskus, and its opening hours are the same as Vendor Halls. You can bring your items directly to the flea market where staff will put them on display. Please note that large crowds can be expected when the Vendor Hall first opens its doors.

Space at the flea market is limited, and because of this we have restricted the number of items being sold at any given time to 20 items per seller.

An item sold at the flea market can also consist of or contain multiple smaller units, e.g. a box full of cards, as long as they are sold as one item for one price. A piece of clothing, or a single rare card sold separately are both counted as one item each.

If some of your items have already been sold, you can bring more items to the flea market. You can also change the prices of your items during the convention. Staff at the flea market has the right to refuse very large items if there is no space for them. Please use consideration on what to bring to the flea market before arriving at the convention.

Price tags and list of products

Since you will not be the one selling your items, please follow the instructions below to ensure that everything goes as smoothly as possible.

A price tag must be attached on all items and must contain the price of the item in the following format: “X,XX €”. The price tag must also contain either your initials or a nickname, and the number of the item (1-20). For example: “ORP 1.  5.00 €”. Please make sure that the price tags are as clearly marked as possible and are firmly attached to items. Items without a price tag will not be sold.

Each seller must also hand in a list of all the items they wish to be sold at the flea market when bringing their items to the counter. The list should contain the number, the price and a short description of each item along with the sellers information. You can either make your own list or use forms available at the flea market counter. By filling out the form you can ensure that our staff can keep track of your sales that you get the money for your items.

Your identity will be checked both when bringing items to the counter and when collecting your profits: please remember to keep a driver’s license, a passport or some other ID card with your photo on it with you.

Ropecon’s provision

Ropecon will charge a small provision for each item sold at the flea market. The provision is 0.50 € for items with the price of 5.00 € or less, and 1.00 € for items with the price of over 5.00 €. Please take this into account when pricing your items. It is recommended to keep your prices as simple as possible (e.g. 1.00 €, 3.00 €, 2.50 € etc). If your item is not sold during the convention, no provision will be charged.

Please note that the staff of the Ropecon 2016 flea market is not responsible for any lost, stolen or broken items or any items sold at the flea market in general: you will be bringing your items in at your own risk.

Remember to collect your money on time

You can come and check how your items have been selling during the opening hours of the Vendor Hall. However, we recommend that you collect all your profits and possibly unsold items at the same time.

All unsold items and profits must be collected the latest by 2.30 pm on Sunday. The Vendor Hall will close its doors at 3 pm, after which all uncollected items will be transferred to the Lost & Found. Remember to bring your identification with you when collecting your money and items.

Welcome to the flea market at Ropecon!

Any questions?

Flea market Coordinator 2016
Johanna Mustapää