Ticket FAQ

Why should I get tickets in advance?

A pre-purchased ticket is cheaper than a ticket purchased from the entrance! By buying tickets in advance, you are also supporting Ropecon. Our warmest thank you for that!

Can I get tickets if I don’t have a Finnish bank account?

Our online ticket sales service requires using a Finnish bank account. Therefore, you cannot pre-purchase your tickets in advance online if you don’t have a Finnish bank account. However, if you live within the EU and have the ability to make a bank account transfer within the EU using a European bank, you have the option of requesting a bill. Once we have confirmed your payment, we can send you your ticket. Please contact us via email at lipunmyynti@ropecon.fi if you wish pre-purchase your tickets in this manner.

If you are unable to use a bank account for bank transfers within the EU, you will unfortunately not be able to purchase a ticket in advance. But don’t worry; tickets will still be available for purchase at the entrance during the event for a regular price. The size of our venue guarantees that the tickets will not run out prior to the event.

How long are pre-purchased tickets available?

The tickets become available for pre-purchase on the 4th of March and they will be available online until the 17th of July, two weeks before the event. After the pre-sale has ended, the only way to get a ticket is to purchase one for a regular price at the entrance during the event.

Can I get my money back if I can’t make it to the event?

A ticket cannot be refunded. If you are unable to attend, you can always sell your ticket to a friend.

I have been planning to volunteer at the event. Can I get my money back if I’m accepted as a volunteer?

Since we cannot refund the tickets, we do not recommend buying a ticket before our call for volunteers has started. The pre-sale of tickets will continue after the volunteers have been chosen and it will close two weeks before the event, so even if you are not chosen as a volunteer you will have time to purchase your ticket in advance.

Is the ticket personal?

The ticket will have your name on it, but you can resell it if you want to.

My friend has an extra ticket. Can I buy my friend’s ticket?

Yes, you can buy a ticket from your friend and use it. Request your friend to send you the email which includes the ticket, but be careful not to accidentally send the ticket to the wrong email address. Please keep in mind that a pre-purchased ticket can only be used once.

Can I buy several tickets?

Yes! If you are representing a group (10 +), please email us at lipunmyynti@ropecon.fi to ask for a group offer.

I need an invitation for a visa to be able to attend! Where can I get one?

Please email international@ropecon.fi for further instructions.

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